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What is blogging? How to make money through blogging

How to make money through blogging

The word Blog originates from Weblog. The word Weblog was first used about ten years ago on December 17, 1997. The creator of the word blog was American citizen John Berger. Exactly two years later, between April and May 1999, a person named Peter Mahalz broke the word Weblog into two parts – Web and Blog. After that, blogs or blogging started to become popular all over the world. Blogging is one of the ways to earn money online. If you also want to earn money by blogging, I hope this article will help you a lot. In this article, we will try to tell you everything from A to Z of blogging.

What is blogging?

Bengali equivalent of Blog, which means a personal online diary. Bloggers constantly post content on their websites and users can take their required information from there and post their comments there. Also in recent times, blogs are becoming a means of online income. It is regularly updated by one or more bloggers with the latest happenings. Now a blog has become a social media rather than a personal diary. We often search on Google for various information. Then Google gives us the address of many websites based on our search. When we enter those sites, we have a single paragraph in front of us. These are This is a blog.

Just as we write our wishes in a notebook, writing something using the vast scope of the Internet is a blog. The article you are reading is also a blog. You can make a blog on any topic or subject like sports, health, or technology, on which subject you have the right idea, you can present the subject in detail to everyone with your knowledge, and you can make your blog or website on that subject.

How to make money through blogging

Why do blogging?

I believe that the number of people who have not heard the word blog or blogging is comparatively very less. Blogging is a very popular profession in developed countries. These people study and earn from blogging. People from almost all walks of life are involved in blogging in developed countries. Others live as their main source of income. But there are some negative reactions among people about this blogging. Many people do not know much about blogs or blogging. I will try to discuss blogging in detail with everyone.

Types of Blogging:
  • Personal blog
  • Blogs on specific topics
  • Company or institutional blogs
  • Social blogs
  • Sports, Health, Technology, etc
How to make a blog?

To create a blog, you need to go to Blogger.com to create an account and give a name for your blog or website there. It is completely free, it does not cost anything to create a blog here.

And to start your blog, the first expenses you need to incur are:

  1. A domain should be bought = around 1000 rupees ( read this article about domains )
  2. Buy hosting. In the first case, it will take 1000 to 3000 thousand rupees. (Hosting is very important. (So read this article before buying hosting)

If you still have any questions then write in the comment box and you will surely get the answer to your question.

How to earn from a blog

Google AdSense: Currently, the most popular means of online income is Google AdSense. This is an ad network. It is a completely secure and safe medium. Among the thousands of ad networks scattered online, Google Adsense is the best. Currently, Google Adsense supports the Bengali language. You can earn from home by blogging in Bengali and using Google AdSense ads.

Affiliate: The second choice for bloggers is affiliate marketing. If there is a product related or a digital product on your blog, then you can earn affiliate commission by selling the product in different ways. Check here for details about Affiliate.

Other Ad Networks: If your website has good traffic, you can earn from it by using other ad networks other than Google AdSense. Like Infolinks, Clicksource etc.

Sponsor Ed:If you have a good website and a good number of visitors, many companies or media partners will use your website as their sponsor.In that case they will run their promotional campaign on your website by charging you monthly or yearly fixed amount. It is also possible to earn a good amount of money from that.

Banner Cell:They can take ads in the sidebar or different spaces of your website to promote their business from different local markets. Earning can be done by charging fixed amount as weekly monthly.

Product Review:If your website is related to any product such as mobile phone, camera, TV, fridge, washing machine, then various companies will review their products and publish articles on your website. And in that case they will pay you very well.


Finally, if you want to blog in Bengali or English, choose any topic and read it today. Because in the future your website can be a major breakthrough in your life.

Let us know how you liked the article and if you have any suggestions or questions, please comment.