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What is the strategy to get work in fiverr? Creating gigs and more

fiverr gigs

Fiverr is a popular freelancing platform. Fiver mainly works on gig based system. To succeed at Fiver, a freelancer should organize his gig well. Landing successful gigs depend on whether or not your fiver freelancing career will be successful at all.

Let’s find out how to create a successful Fiverr gig and how to generate income from it.

What is a fiver?

Fiverr is one of the best and busiest freelancing sites of 2021. They have a lot of customers. In their popular digital online marketplace, freelancers offer their services and buyers buy those services. A fiver job is called a gig. Each gig on Fiverr can range from $5 to thousands of dollars. The best feature of Fiverr is that freelancers don’t have to run after lead generation to get work here. Because Fiver automatically generates leads for sellers. It helps freelancers to focus on their work. If you are good at any service, you can open a fiver account and start earning now.

How to get a job on fiver

Fiverr is a marketplace with a lot of competition. But if your gig shows up in the top search results, there’s a higher chance of getting a job.

Some tips for getting work on Fiverr:

  • Creation of a complete and professional seller profile
  • Correct gig title and description
  • Interesting gig images and videos
  • Best and correct keyword usage in tags and descriptions
  • Promoting the gig on social media
  • Do your best to stay online on Fiver most of the time
  • Giving skill test
  • Quality of work and on-time delivery
  • Being a high-level seller
  • Use of fiver forums

1. Create a complete and professional gig profile

A buyer will look for evidence of how dedicated you are to your work in your profile. So it is very important to make sure that you complete your Fiver profile with all the required information.

Buyers mostly prefer well-known profiles. Important aspects of creating a successful seller profile are:

  • Name: Give your real name in the full name field, it increases credibility.
  • Profile Picture: Set a professional picture on your profile. Avoid using pictures of artists, movie stars, or athletes in profile pictures. Due to all these, your profile is losing its professionalism.
  • Profile Description: It is very important to highlight your experience and skills in your profile description. Buyers consider these factors very important when looking for a freelancer.
  • Language: It is very important to highlight your language skills in the profile. Since customers from all over the world buy services on Fiver, if you know more than one language, be sure to add it to your profile. If you have a language match with the buyer, your chances of getting the job are greatly increased.
  • Skills: The most important aspect of a fiver profile is skills. Highlight all your skills appropriately in your Fiver profile. Skills help rank your five gigs.
  • Educational Qualification: Don’t forget to add your educational qualification to your Fiver profile! Many buyers see it as a measure to validate job skills and talent.
  • Certifications: If you have any certifications, add them to your profile. Buyers feel more comfortable hiring certified freelancers.
  • Social Media Links: By adding social media links to certain sections of your Fiver seller profile, you can increase your profile’s ranking with the Fiver algorithm.

2. Correct gig title and description

A gig’s ranking on Fiver depends largely on the title and description. So ensuring the right gig title and description plays the most important role in getting work on Fiver.

What you should know about Fiverr Gig titles and descriptions:

  •  Gig Title: Gig title is like a mirror that represents your service to your buyer. For this reason, always use the best and most catchy gig headlines related to your service.
  •  Gig Description: One of the most important factors in gig ranking is the gig description. If you want to be at the top of fiver searches for specific keywords or tags, try to have a high-quality gig description. Enter your Fiverr gig description in a maximum of 1200 characters. Also, make sure your targeted keywords are at least multiple times in your gig description.
  • Follow Top Gigs: To learn how to write the best gig titles and descriptions, see the top gig for a specific keyword or category search. You can follow the same strategy to write good gig titles and descriptions. But don’t copy the gig title or description exactly.

3. Interesting gig images and videos

  • A buyer can view pictures and videos attached to your gig as examples of your work before hiring you for their work. That means this gig image and video play an important role in getting you hired.
  • If your gig fails to attract image and video buyers, you won’t get the project even if you do well. So, always use attractive gig images and descriptions, which will highlight your best work, to stay ahead of others.

4. Best keyword usage in tags and descriptions

You can improve your gig ranking for specific fiver searches by using the best keywords in your gig tags and descriptions. Include keywords that shoppers might search for in your tags and descriptions

Let’s say you are selling digital marketing services. In that case, if you search on fiver by writing digital marketing, you will see some suggested keywords in the search results. These keywords mean that others are looking for freelancers for the same services with these keywords. So use top keywords in your gig tag and description to increase your Fiverr gig ranking.

Fiver has a seller-level system. Freelancers are tagged as New Seller, Level One Seller, Level Two Seller, and Top Rated Seller.

High-level sellers get more benefits than other sellers. For example, buyers will be more interested in working with a high-level seller than an average seller, because the seller has a good rating.

5. Promote the gig on social media

Outbound traffic and visitors love fivers. Profiles or gigs linked to social media, blogs, or discussion sites are preferred. So getting traffic and visitors to other sites is important for fiver gigs.

Share your gig on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Gig rankings will continue to improve as your gig traffic increases. Apart from social media platforms, you can get traffic leads by sharing your gig on various forum sites like Quora or Reddit.

6. Using the fiver forum

Fiver Forums are the latest technique to boost your fiver profile. The best platform to discuss and learn about any tips. Many top-rated and experienced sellers share their knowledge on the fiver forum. So, you can learn a lot of information by participating in fiver forum discussions. Especially if you are a new seller, following the Fiver community will make your journey on Fiver much easier.

7. Quality of work and timely delivery

Delivering work on time is key for any freelancer. For freelancers who can deliver work on time, clients will naturally be interested in working with them. Ensuring the quality of your work is also very important. Since Fiverr works on a rating system, the quality of your work is highly rated by buyers. If you maintain timely delivery and quality of work, you can easily maintain a ranking on fiver for a long time.

8. proficiency test

Fiver has added a feature called Skill Test to verify your added skills in the skills section. Taking this skill test gives an idea of ​​how skilled a freelancer is in a particular subject. A fiver skill score can boost your profile. So if you are proficient in any subject, then you can participate in a fiver skill test.


Since Fiver has customers from all over the world, there will be time differences between different time zones. For example, if it is night in our country, it is morning or afternoon in many countries. If a buyer knocks on you at that time, you may not be online at that time. The best practice on Fiver or any freelancing platform is to always do your best to be online. A buyer contacts more than one person for a job. In this case, the one who can answer first has a higher chance of getting the job.