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How Does Texta.ai Work?

Texta.ai was founded by Arman Maskat. Founded in 2021, it is one of the best writing tools. Muscat has worked as an expert in the legal department of the Ministry of Justice, as an attaché in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and as the deputy director of the Directorate. Protocol and organizational support to the Eurasian Economic Commission.

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Texta.ai is a content marketing best writing tools that automates the content creation process. It works muscat has worked as an expert in the legal department of the Ministry of Justice, an attaché in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and an intervention. Texta can save your writing time in half with its powerful system that creates high-quality copy from a simple description, which will help users create a copy for your blog, website, social media, and more. Features include Beast Mode: It’s like having a content writer and editor for your blog, social media, and stories. Rank on Google: Professional SEO tools help you find the right match phrases to use in your content.

Social Ads: The best writing tools has everything you need, including creating high-converting copy for your Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn ads.

Texta.ai features

Texta.ai features are two-in-one, allowing you to manage both long- and short-form content.To better understand Texta.ai, we have highlighted all these features in our review

AI assistant

As a personal assistant, the AI assistant will act similarly to a human. How would you like to know? If you use this AI (artificial assistance) tool, you will have no problem writing an article longer than 1,500 words.

plagiarism checker

Are you worried about being flagged for plagiarism unintentionally? don’t do that Because, with Texta.ai, you can sit back and relax. Every piece of text generated by Texta.ai is completely original and free from plagiarism.


Finding a good AI writer is easy but not finding an AI writer who creates content in more than 27 languages. That’s where Texta.ai differs from all its competitors. With Texta.ai, you can find content in English, French, Dutch, Arabic, German, Danish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Turkish, Polish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Filipino Can make, Chinese (Taiwan), Vietnamese, Indonesian, Malay, Greek, Italian, Russian and Hebrew.

Grammatical Partnerships

Who doesn’t know about Grammarly? It is now the leading and most trusted writing software in the world. Through collaboration with Grammarly, Text.ai guarantees that your writing will be free of grammar and spelling mistakes. This feature makes it more credible and gains the trust of users within a short period.


Texta.ai’s simple API feature allows you to integrate it with other existing applications or platforms. This ensures ease of use and maintains a smooth workflow.

SEO Tools

Forget about being under-raked or even not ranked. That’s because Texta.ai is here with its awesome SEO tool features. With these tools, you can quickly improve your Google ranking. All with specific and relevant keyword searches.


The name of the feature is quite innovative and very different from other tools. And so do these feature functions. Let your imagination run wild with Texta.ai’s sandbox and create content in any style, format, or category. You can even automate content marketing with it.


60 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 2 months to make sure it’s right for you!

Texta.ai Pros and Cons

Perfect tool for helping you on a daily basis with your content marketing strategy. Will not to 100% of the work, but 90% to 95% so it’s still a great deal.You still have to do some manual work, but it’s fine
A very high-quality content can generate new followers in secondsLayout- Very simple. But could there be more options or tools?
When it comes to making content on the fly, the template system is flawless.The interface was first a bit disorganized. But it has improved tremendously now.
There are more than 27 languages available with Texta.ai. You can write and communicate with a broader audience this wayTranslation sometimes is a bit tricky. You have to change and edit idiomatic sentences ultimately.
You get an amazing lifetime deal with Texta.ai. 
It generates quality content. 
The SEO management feature is quite handy.